VERMON$TER Album cover.jpg

Our first group album was released on October 19, 2019, with a live performance from the group at the Wilson Castle. You can now listen to and buy the album "VERMON$TER" not only on our website music page but also on other streaming platforms by clicking HERE or the icons at the bottom of the page.


Our CEO Tony Bourn (Tone) and COO Joanna Hann (Valkyrie) were featured on the front page of the Rutland Herald on October 8, 2019, with their youngest daughter.


New Saucy Mixtape is out, download it from the music page!

Hard copies are available for purchase locally and through the website!


Hope you didn't miss our Halloween party at the Wilson Castle!! It was a blast!!!


Don't forget we're a record label with a recording studio, hit us up for prices on studio time!